PROG COLLECTIVE – Epilogue (Limited edition CD) (2017)

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Progressive Rock, 2013-as album. Limited edition CD újra kiadás, 2017.

The idea of assembling a collection of amazing artists from the progressive rock genre all on one record was an especially exciting concept to me. Inspired, I began writing and recording the 7 songs that would become this album. I then sent those recordings out to some of my friends and musical heroes from bands like King Crimson, XTC, Asia, Gentle Giant, and of course my former band Yes. Soon, I started receiving vocal tracks and guitar and keyboard overdubs from studios all over the world, which I then mixed at my recording studio in Los Angeles. Despite the distances in geography, however, the feeling of the entire production is one of musical and spiritual unity – The Prog Collective! – Billy Sherwood

Közreműködők :
Bill Sherwood – (backing vocals, drums, bass, keyboards, guitar) – Fee Waybill (vocals) – Steve Hillage – (lead guitar) – Colin Moulding – (vocals) – Mel Collins – (saxophone, flute) – Rick Wakeman – (synth) – John Wetton – (vocals) – John Wesley – (lead guitar) – Derek Sherinian – (synth) – Steve Morse – (lead guitar) – Jordan Rudess – (keyboards) – Peter Banks (lead guitar) – Sonja Kristina (vocals) – Larry Fast (keyboards) – Chris Squire (Bass) – Steve Stevens (electric- & acoustic guitars) – Patric Moraz (keyboards) – Alan Parsons (vocals) – Nik Turner (saxophone, flute) – Geoff Downes (keyboards) – Roye Albrighton (vocals) – Gary Green (electric- & acoustic guitars) – Tony Kaye (hammond organ, keyboards) – Jim Cuomo (drums) – William Shattner (narration, spoken words)

Felvételek :
1. Are We To Believe   7:18
2. What Can Be Done   7:48
3. Addin Fuel To The Fire   7:30
4. Tomorrow Becomes Today   7:34
5. Shining Diamonds   7:53
6. In Our Time   7:22
7. Memory Tracks   7:58
8. Just Another Day   9:01
9. Epilogue   2:28
(Barcode: 0889466062421)



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Megjelenési dátum: 2017-06-23