PEOPLES TEMPER – Bomb Shelter Blues – I. (Limited edition 12″EP) (2018)

6.190 Ft

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Alternative Rock, Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Blues Rock, Sludge,
Limited edition 4 számos 12″-es bakelit lemez EP LP kiadvány, 2018.
2020-as újra nyomás!

“Bomb Shelter Blues I” by People’s Temper is a fantastic psychedelic bluesy Stoner Rock record, groovy, but quite apocalyptic. Each track has its own vibe, allowing each song to stand on its own. Great vocals, great vibe, great grooves, and so much power. It’s got elements of Blue Cheer and Sludge influences. Tight songwriting, great lyrics and vocals. Do not overlook this EP, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Felvételek :
Side A:
1. Sun Goes Down
2. Flags Of Ignorance
Side B:
1. Time To Lose
2. Die Wand
(Barcode: 4003099615410)