MERRELL, CRISPIN – Space Precinct: Original Soundtrack (4CD-Box) (2019)

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Filmzene, 4CD-Box kiadvány, 2019.
296 percnyi izgalmas filmzene.

Gerry Anderson, the hugely influential creator of “UFO and Space”: 1999, made a spectacular return to television in the early 1990s with “Space Precinct” – an incredibly exciting series that mixed live action drama with state-of-the-art prosthetics and animatronics to give a police procedural with a definite twist!
Now – for the first time – composer Crispin Merrell‘s memorably thrilling soundtrack is available to enjoy on this highly collectable four-disc set. Alongside episodic suites of music and a 64-page set of track notes, this definitive soundtrack release also features alternate and unused takes of the series’ outstanding title music.

Felvételek :
CD 1.:
1. Opening Titles (with narration)
2-3. Double Duty
4-5. Protect and Survive
6-7. Enforcer
8-9. Flash
10. The Snake
11-12. Body & Soul
13-14. Time to Kill
15. Closing Titles (original version)

CD 2.:
1. Opening Titles (without narration)
2-3. Deadline
4-5. The Power
6-7. Seek and Destroy
8-10. Illegal
11-12. Divided We Stand
13. Closing Titles (original version)

CD 3. :
1. Opening Titles (shorter version)
2-3. Two Against the Rock
4-5. Takeover
6-8. Predator and Prey
9. The Witness
10-13. Hate Street
14. Friends
15-16. Smelter Skelter
17. Closing Titles (television edit)

CD 4.:
1. Opening Titles (demo version)
2-3. Deathwatch
4. Closing Titles (demo version)
5-8. The Fire Within (parts 1 and 2)
9. The Forever Beetle
10-11. Deathwatch Conclusion
12. Closing Titles (original, unused)
(Barcode: 5027626905736)