BOWIE, DAVID – 1977 (2DVD) (2016)

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Rock, 2DVD Box set documentary films on English language from BOWIEs Berlin years, 2016.

The astonishing array of characters invented and acted out by David Bowie between his 1972 breakthrough album Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, and his Thin White Duke era, around the time of David Live and Station to Station, 3 or 4 years later, was both impressive and unsurpassed.

But just perhaps the use of these masks and personas trapped some of Bowie’s most creative urges and most unique sounds which, after dropping the use of his alter-egos and “coming out” as quite simply David Bowie around the time of 1977’s awe-inspiring Low and its classic follow-up “Heroes” later the same year, then emerged not just as a new phase in the former chameleon’s career, but in a completely new way of approaching the music he composed and the records he released.

This 2 x DVD box set of films concentrates on this time in Bowie’s work when away too from the drugs and booze upon which he had become near dependent upon during his former years, and now holed-up in a small apartment with Iggy Pop as a neighbour and the Berlin Wall as a backdrop, he created a selection of not merely albums, but artistic statements that have endured and which now define the man as well as, if not better than, anything he ever produced.

Featuring rare archive footage, interviews with Bowie and those who lived and worked through the era with him, documentary narrative and a host of other features, this film collection reveals more about the relevant period in the career of David Bowie than anything ever previously released.
(Barcode : 0823564546391)