HAYWARD, JUSTIN – Live In Concert At The Capitol Theatre (DVD) (2016)

4.390 Ft

Szállítási idő: 10-25 munkanap

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Rock, Prog Rock, DVD kiadvány, 2016.

Justin Hayward: Live In Concert at the Capitol Theatre is the latest DVD release from the legendary Moody Blues vocalist, guitarist & composer. This intimate performance recorded in surround sound has been expertly captured by award winning filmmaker & composer David Minasian, and is truly one of Justin’s finest solo performances. The DVD includes three bonus music videos.

Felvételek :
1. Tuesday Afternoon
2. It’s Up To You / Lovely To See You
3. In Your Blue Eyes
4. The Western Sky
5. You Can Never Go Home
6. Watching And Waiting
7. I Dreamed Last Night
8. One Day, Someday
9. The Eastern Sun
10. December Snow
11. What You Resist Persists
12. Your Wildest Dreams
13. Forever Autumn
14. Questions
15. Nights In White Satin
16. I Know You’re Out There Somewhere
17. Blue Guitar (bonus)
18. Who Are You Now (bonus)
19. The Wind Of Heaven (bonus)
(Barcode: 0798304377262)