YES – Shoreline Amphitheatre, 9th August 1991 (Limited edition 2CD+DVD)

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Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Arena Rock, 2CD+DVD kiadvány, 2021.
Live recording by YES from Shoreline Amphitheatre, recorded 8th August 1991.
HST608CD / Released: 05/11/2021.

Rick Wakeman said about the project: “It has been well documented that I loathed the Union studio album as the whole project was taken out of our hands and destroyed by those handed the responsibility for finishing it off. However, the Union Tour was another matter. Probably the most amazing and enjoyable tour I have ever been on with Yes and I am so glad it was recorded and filmed as it was an incredibly special time that can never be repeated. The Union Your is for me, the most important event in Yes history.”

2CD :
1. Intro / 2. Firebird Suite / 3. Yours Is No Disgrace / 4. Rhythm of Love / 5. Heart of the Sunrise / 6. Clap / 7. Mood For A Day / 8. Make It Easy / 9. Saving My Heart For You / 10. Whitefish / 11. Amazing Grace / 12. Rick Wakeman Solo / 13. Awaken / 14. Roundabout.

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(Barcode: 5056083208623)