WILCO – Ode To Joy (Limited edition BLACK LP) (2019)

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Indie Rock, Limited edition FEKETE színű bakelit lemez LP kiadvány, 2019.

Ode to Joy – the 11th studio album from the pioneering Chicago indie rock band Wilco – features 11 new calm songs written and produced by Jeff Tweedy and recorded by Wilco at the bands’ own Chicago studio dubbed The Loft. he record, in general, is about encouraging “the act of finding joy in a dark political climate,” according to the band. Debuting as a rough and tumble alt country act and evolving into a mature and eclectic indie rock ensemble, Wilco rose from the ashes of the seminal roots rock band Uncle Tuperlo, which disbanded in 1994.

YouTube video :
“Everyone Hides” (official video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2Gbbd6pVMg

Felvételek :
LP :
1. Bright Leaves
2. Before Us
3. One and a Half Stars
4. Quiet Amplifier
5. Everyone Hides
6. White Wooden Cross
7. Citizens
8. We Were Lucky
9. Love is Everywhere (Beware)
10. Hold Me Anyway
11. An Empty Corner
(Barcode: 0051497114541)



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Megjelenési dátum: 2019-10-04