VREID – Pitch Black Brigade (2006) (Limited edition WHITE LP, 2020)

8.290 Ft

Szállítási idő: 10-25 munkanap

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Norvég Black Metal, 2006-os album.
Limited edition FEHÉR színű bakelit lemez LP kiadvány, 2020.
Ebben a formátumban korábban még soha sem jelent meg! Része a “All Colours Gone”  sorozatnak, melynek keretében mind a 8 lemezük meg fog jelenni!

Indie Recordings are thrilled to announce that all of Vreid’s back-catalogue will be re-released on vinyl in a special series called “All Colours Gone”. More or less all albums are sold out on vinyl, and some of them have been for years. Therefore, we are very pleased to make all the albums available again. In total this means 8 albums, and they will be released in batches of 2 albums. The first one will be very special as the albums «Kraft» and «Pitch Black Brigade» are the only 2 albums that were never released on vinyl. Now, these 2 albums packed with songs that have been in the band’s live sets for more than 15 years, will finally see the light of day, or dark of night if you will, on vinyl. All albums will be released with a special new design in black and white cover art and solid white vinyl. The designs are done by the art wizard Remi Juliebø of Deformat who also did the artwork for Vreid’s last album “Lifehunger”.

Felvételek :
1. Då Draumen Rakna
2. Left to Hate
3. Pitch Black
4. The Red Smell
5. Hengebjørki
6. Our Battle
7. Hang ‘em All
8. Eit Kapittel For Seg Sjølv
(Barcode: 7072805005408)