VORTEX – As Gods Fall (Limited edition DIGI 2CD) (2018)

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Ritual, Dark Ambient, Atmospheric, Cinematic, Drone,
Limited edition 6 paneles DIGI pack 2CD kiadvány, 2018.
Mellékletként 8 oldalas színes könyvecskével, Csak 500 darabos sorozat az egész világra!

“As Gods Fall…” celebrates the 10th year of existence for the German ritual cinematic ambient project by Marcus Stiglegger. It is the final part of the mythical trilogy that began with “Kali Yuga” (2013) and “Moloch” (2015). Inspired by the Nordic mythology of the Edda, this album revives the realm of the Old Gods in their final conflict. As before this musical reflection on mythology is used as a metaphor for a portrait of the present world out of balance. The tracks were composed after a intense journey to the ancient viking relics of Scandinavia in 2015: “Breathing the air of history I felt ultimately connected to the past and heritage of the old Germanic tribes and their mythology, also understanding what this all means for what happens in the world today.

“As Gods Fall” is a cycle of music invoking forgotten energies and lost wisdom…” For this album Marcus S. joined forces with many guest (including Michael De Victor of While Angels Watch), providing unique instrumental and vocal contributions. From pounding martial rhythms and hypnotic ritual chants via brooding drones to stunning and fragile melodic elements this album captures the essence of what Vortex stands for: ritual music. The album was recorded from the summer of 2015 to the winter of 2017 and finally mastered by Frederic Arbour in 2018. Stunning artwork was created by Nihil. This release also contains a bonus-disc “Helstrom” featuring 2 unreleased Vortex tracks as well as remixes by Apoptose, Empusae, Phelios, Visions, Operation Cleansweep… and more.

CD 1.: 9 tracks, running time 46:09
CD 2.: 10 tracks, running time 53:49

(Barcode: 0633632032639)



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Megjelenési dátum: 2018-06-22