URIAH HEEP – The Magician’s Birthday (1972) (Limited edition BLACK 2LP, 2020)

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Classic Rock, Arena Rock, British Rock, 1972-es album.
Remaszterizált Limited edition 140grammos FEKETE színű dupla bakelit lemez 2LP újra kiadás, 2020.

“The Magician’s Birthday” is the fifth album by British rock legends Uriah Heep, originally released in November 1972. The concept was “based loosely on a short story” written by keyboardist Ken Hensley. After reaching an international level of success with Demons and Wizards released earlier on in the same year, Uriah Heep continued to build their fan base by knocking out another album of prog-like metal before the year’s end. The end result, The Magician’s Birthday. Certified Gold in the States selling over 500,000 copies.

Felvételek :
LP 1.:
Side A:
1.Return To Fantasy
3.Sweet Pretender
4.I’ll Keep On Trying
Side B:
5.July Morning
6.Paradise / The Spell

LP 2.:
Side C:
7.Circle Of Hands
8.The Magician’s Birthday
Side D:
10.Free ‘n’ Easy
12.Easy Livin’
(Barcode: 0803343249347)