SULA BASSANA – Organ Accumulator + Disappear (Limited edition DIGI CD) (2017)

4.390 Ft

Szállítási idő: 10-25 munkanap

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Ambient, Krautrock, Psychedelic Rock, Electro, Limited edition DIGI pack CD kiadvány, 2017-es album.

Time has come – once more: Sula Bassana walks on electronic trails again and produces an album in the attitude of electronic krautrock! After the successful forerunner “Shipwrecked” (2016), which was built mostly on electronic instruments, the sound is a bit more relaxed on this album. “Organ Accumulator” accured on the application of portable keyboards and little organs, also synthesizers, drumboxes, etc…

The track “Lichtbuendel”, for example, was recorded almost only on a Casiotone 403, played via the fat effect board and guitar amp. “The Frogs” almost sounds like a John Carpenter soundtrack, whilst the title track is the by far most spacerocky track. “Grashamster” is the most krauty one, with loads of Farfisa Syntorchestra and Roland Vocoder Plus, which (together with a Yamaha PS 30) also builds the sound-footing of “Nebelschwaden”, a slighty Vangelis influenced song.

Additional to the album “Organ Accumulator”, the CD has “Disappear” as a bonus, the whole Sula Bassana side of the Split LP with 3AM (which was only released as vinyl on Headspin NL). On the tracks of “Disappear”, there are notable more guitars, drums and some vocals (by Komet Lulu and Sula) but also the music is very relaxing and fits wonderfully to the tracks of “Organ Accumulator”! CD is limited to 500 in 100% recycled cardboard fold out digisleeve!

Felvételek :
1. Lichtbündel 7:48
2. Morgentau 4:47
3. The Frogs 5:55
4. Organ Accumulator 7:04
5. Grashamster 4:40
6. Nebelschwaden 9:47
Bonus tracks :
7. Disappear 10:36
8. Grong 5:06
9. Smoof 6:00
(Barcode: 9120031190745)