SUGAR – File Under: Easy Listening (1994) (Limited edition 2CD+DVD, 2012)

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Alternative Rock, 1994-es album.
Remaszterizált Limited edition 2CD+DVD újra kiadás verzió, 2012.

File Under: Easy Listening (FU:EL) is Sugar‘s second & last studio album. The 2013 LP edition was remastered by the original FU:EL engineer Jim Wilson. Sugar were the US alternative rock trio fronted by ex Hüsker Dü vocalist / guitarist Bob Mould. Released in 1994, File Under: Easy Listening is the group’s second and final full length studio album. Includes the singles ‘Gee Angel’, ‘Your Favourite Thing’ and ‘Believe What You’re Saying’. Following on from their successful debut release Copper Blue and critically acclaimed EP Beaster , ‘FU:EL’ found the group continuing to experiment with dark textures and pop. The album became Sugar’s third top ten release in the UK album charts and continues to draw a cult following today. For the first time, the album is presented on heavyweight 180g clear vinyl.

YouTube video :
“GEE ANGEL” (music video):

Felvételek :
CD 1.:
1. Gift
2. Company Book
3. Your Favorite Thing
4. What You Want It To Be
5. Gee Angel
6. Panama City Motel
7. Can’t Help You Anymore
8. Granny Cool
9. Believe What You’re Saying
10. Explode And Make Up
11. Mind is an Island
12. Frustration
13. Going Home
14. In the Eyes of My Friends
15. And You Tell Me
16. Believe What You’re Saying [Campfire Mix]

CD 2.:
1. Gift
2. Company Book
3. Hoover Dam
4. After All the Roads Have Led To Nowhere
5. Where Diamonds Are Halos
6. Slick
7. Going Home
8. Running Out of Time
9. Frustration
10. Changes
11. Can’t Help You Any More
12. Helpless
13. If I Can’t Change Your Mind
14. In the Eyes of My Friends
15. Clownmaster
16. Gee Angel
17. Explode and Make Up
18. The Slim

1. Your Favourite Thing
2. Believe What You’re Saying
3. Gee Angel
4. Mtv Sugar Feature
5. Bob Mould & Lou Barlow – Believe What You’re Saying (Live On)
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