STEENSLAND, SIMON – Let’s Go To Hell (CD) (2021)

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Megjelenési dátum: 2021-12-10 Cikkszám: TRANS164 Kategória: Címke:


1970s Prog Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental, Prog Rock, Art Rock,
Limited edition CD kiadvány, 2021-es album.
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In 2018, Transubstans Records released a remastered version of Steensland’s ‘A Farewell To Brains’. Three years pass, and the second part in his planned trilogy, aptly named ‘Let’s Go To Hell’ is here. On these albums, Steensland is changing, perfecting, playing with, and even extending what we all know as RIO, avant-garde, and progressive rock. On ‘Let’s Go To Hell’, experimental and creative progressions are blended with Steensland’s acclaimed musical competence, resulting in three extraordinary symphonies of utmost quality.

In Simon’s own words, the structure of these albums start from a core, diving deeper and deeper into monophonic harmonies and orchestral tonality until the core dissolves; almost like a form of controlled chaos in a musical setting.
We couldn’t be more proud to contribute to the fact that Steensland’s new release is seeing daylight in 2021.

YouTube video:
“Schrödinger’s Friend”:
(official audio):

1.Schrödinger’s Friend 16:26
2.The Flagellant March 17:05
3.Zombie B. Goode 19:25
(Barcode: 7350074243548)