SONIC CATHEDRAL – A World of Sirens (2CD) (2008)

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Megjelenési dátum: 2008-10-06 Cikkszám: SONICCATH001CD Kategória: Címke:


Heavy Metal, Symphonic Rock, Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Gothic Metal, Alternative/Avantgarde Rock.
Válogatás album, speciális 2CD kiadvány, 2008.

Sonic Cathedral is pleased to announce the release of “A World of Sirens“.
This 2 CD compilation features 32 bands from 13 countries and offers a wide spectrum of female fronted rock and metal. Whether you‘re into AOR, Rock, Metal, Extreme Metal, Beauty n Beast Metal, Theatrical Metal, or something else, it’s all here. This diverse collection has something for everyone, and more than a few of these bands are guaranteed to catch your attention! The Sonic Cathedral “World of Sirens“ release was made possible with the cooperation of several record labels, including Nuclear Blast Records (DE), Ascendance Records (GB), The End Records (US), and Sirenette Music Industries (US). “We wanted to make this release diverse and affordable because we‘re about promoting the bands and the music. We didn‘t want to showcase only big, well-known bands, like some other compilations. The goal of this release was to provide a compilation that offered several lesser-known, quality bands, that all have great potential” – John Wolff, President, Sonic Cathedral, Inc

Felvételek :
CD 1.:
1. After Forever (NL) 2. Ebony Ark (ES) 3. Stolen Babies (US) 4. Cardamon (NL) 5. Shadowside (BR) 6. Bloodflowerz (DE) 7. Brave (US) 8. Unexpect (CAN) 9. Markize (FR) 10. Agua de Annique (NL) 11. Sylver Myst (NL) 12. A New Dawn (NL) 13. Anadies (US) 14. Dendura (US) 15. Ancestral Legacy (NO) 16. Pin-Up Went Down (FR)

CD 2.:
1. Diablo Swing Orchestra (SE) 2. Epica (NL) 3. La-Ventura (NL) 4. Witchbreed (PT) 5. Chaoswave (IT) 6. Gwyllion (BE) 7. Phoenix Reign (US) 8. Dead-End Track (IT) 9. Dylath-Leen (FR) 10. Skeptical Minds (BE) 11. Echoes of Eternity (US) 12. Akphaezya (FR) 13. Adastreia (GB) 14. Dyonisis (GB) 15. AyinAleph (FR) 16. Dremora (US-BR)
(Barcode: 0616892969129)