SMITH, PATTI – Dancing Barefoot (Radio Broadcast 1979) (2CD) (2017)

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Rock, Punk, Punk Rock,2CD kiadvány, 2017.
A legendás 1979-es KPM-FM rádió állomás sugárzott és rögzített koncert teljes anyaga. Remaszterizált felvételek.

The icon of the punk movement, poet and exceptional artist Patti Smith was rarely on stage, that’s why the breathtaking concerts of the legendary musician were huge highlights.  On stage there is just power, music and those messages of Mrs Patti Smith, which made this Rock’n’Roll Queen to a preacher: not more gentle, but calmer and more exciting than ever before, a ruler and her audience.  This 2-CD-set was recorded in 1979 for KPM-FM and contains all her greatest hits.

Felvételek :
CD 1. :
01. Glass Factory
02. Redondo Beach
03. Song For Jim Morrison
04. Kimberly
05. Dancing Barefoot
06. Space Monkey
07. Privilege
08. 25th Floor
09. Cold Turkey
10. For Your Love
11. Revenge

CD 2. :
01. Frederick
02. Seven Ways Of Going
03. Poppies
04. All Along The Watchtower
05. The Spider And The Fly
06. Rock And Roll Star
07. 5-4-3-2-1
08. Twist And Shout
09. My Generation
(Barcode: 5583906613802)