SKYFORGER – Sword Song (Zobena Dziesma) (2003) (LP, 2008)

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Szállítási idő: 10-25 munkanap

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Megjelenési dátum: 2008-06-08 Cikkszám: FR049LP Kategória: Címke:


Folk Metal, Black Metal, Pagan Metal, 2003-as album.
Limited edition bakelit lemez LP kiadvány, 2008.

Skyforger is a heavy/folk/pagan metal band from Latvia which was formed in 1995 out of the remains of doom metal band Grindmaster Death. Most of their songs are about pagan gods and warfare; they also play traditional Latvian folk songs and metal covers. Although Skyforger is known for their folk metal, their style on their demo Semigall’s Warchant is essentially black metal. The band also has performed and recorded a number of folk songs, including the entirety of their fourth album Zobena Dziesma (Sword Song), released in 2003. Folk elements can be found on all of their albums.

1. Long I Heard, Now I See
2. Sword Song
3. Pērkons Brought The Bride
4. Ready To Be A Warrior
5. Around The Hill I Went
6. Prussian Maid Rides To War
7. Pērkons Thundered As He Left
8. A Silver River Flows
9. Oh Fog, Oh Dew
10. The Horses Neighed
11. Where Will You Ride, Brother?
12. Neighed The Battle Horses
13. When The Sun Was Rising
14. Ūsiņs Rides Over The Hill (bonus)
15. A Crested Bird Sings (bonus)