SIMON, PAUL – Rhymin’ in NYC 2000 (2CD) (2019)

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Pop, Pop Rock, egy izgalmas és élvezetes FM rádiós koncert 2000-ből.
A fellépés része volt PAUL SIMON “You’re The One” album promóciós turnéjának!
Speciális remaszterizált 2CD kiadvány, 2019.

  • The late 1990s were a difficult time for Paul Simon. His stage-play ‘The Capeman’ – written with poet and playwright Derek Walcott – which Simon had been working on for most of the decade, opened on broadway in 1998, was panned by critics and it ran for less than 70 performances before closing. The accompanying album, Songs From The Capeman, received very mixed reviews and was commercially unsuccessful, failing to reach the Billboard Top 40. It remains Paul Simon’s poorest selling record to date.
  • However, entering the new millennium, Simon regained a respectable reputation, offering critically acclaimed new material and receiving commercial attention. In 1999, Simon embarked on a North American tour with Bob Dylan, where each alternated as headline act with a middle section where they performed together, starting on the first of June and ending September 18. The collaboration was generally well-received.
  • In an attempt to return successfully to the music market, Simon wrote and recorded a new album very quickly, with “You’re the One” arriving in October 2000. The album consisted mostly of folk-pop compositions combined with foreign musical sounds, particularly grooves from North Africa. While not reaching the commercial heights of previous releases, it managed to enter both the British and American Top 20. It received favourable reviews and received a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year. He toured extensively in support of the album, and his performance at New York’s Beacon Theatre on December 8th 2000 was recorded for live FM Broadcast along the US east coast.

Felvételek :
CD 1.:
1. That’s Where I Belong 3:32 2. Graceland 5:07 3. One Man’s Ceiling Is Another Man’s Floor 3:36 4. You’re The One 5:03 5. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover 4:53 6. That Was Your Mother 3:31 7. Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard 3:12 8. The Teacher 4:15 9. Spirit Voices 4:38 10. Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes 7:18 11. You Can Call Me Al 5:13 12. Old Friends/Bookends 3:00 13. Homeward Bound 2:59 14. I Am A Rock 3:51 15. Darling Lorraine 7:02 16. Old 2:28

CD 2.:
1. The Boy In The Bubble 6:40 2. American Tune 4:22 3. The Coast 5:35 4. Late In The Evening 6:49 5. The Late Great Johnny Ace 4:13 6. Hurricane Eye 6:07 7. Proof 5:49 8. Still Crazy After All These Years 5:52 9. Pigs, Sheep and Wolves 4:09 10. Mrs. Robinson 5:11 11. The Boxer 6:58 12. Kodachrome 3:33
(Barcode: 0823564031385)