SETH – Seth​,​ complete Discography (Limited edition DIGI 2CD) (2019)

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Megjelenési dátum: 2019-04-19 Cikkszám: M201416 Kategória: Címke:


Proto Metal, Heavy Metal, NWOBHM, Limited edition DIGI pack 2CD válogatás album, 2019.

This career-spanning 2CD compilation has it all – proto metal that sometimes sounds like Budgie, heavy metal that sometimes sounds like the NWOBHM, blues-based rock, early technical metal that sounds like Rush, and a new-for-this-release track called The Abbey of Thelema that is a solid nod to Italian heavy prog. Two CDs containing the impossible-to-find Seth LP, and loads of never released singles, live material and studio outtakes.

Felvételek :
CD 1:
1. Directly in Love
2. Murder 1
3. The Sea /Falling
4. Allen Wants a Ride
5. Introduction
6. Rock of Gibraltar
7. LZ129
8. Turn 9
9. The Difference
10. LZ129 (Alternate)
11. Rifle
12. Gotta Get Home
13. Let’s Be Close Again
14. Operation Red Dear
15. Bleeding From The Mouth

CD 2:
1. Race to Olympus
2. Caught in a Trance
3. Race to Olympus Version 2
4. Guitar Solo
5. Concealed Weapon
6. In the Beginning
7. Entrance/Caugh in a Trance
8. Dreams of Waiting
9. Loud and Clear
10. She Talks
11. Bad News
12. (Let Me Check)Under Your Hood
13. The Consequence of Youthful
14. Indiscretion
15. Rotation
16. Useful One
17. The Blues are Killing Me
18. World is Closed Today
19. Christmas in Elyssium
20. The Abbey of Thelema
(Barcode: 8016108030261)