SAINTS ANGER – Danger Metal (1970) (Limited edition DIGI 2CD, 2020)

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Prog Rock, Electric Blues, Experimental, 1970-es album.
Remaszterizált Expanded edition DIGI pack 2CD kiadvány, 2020.

After the first glorious years spawning bands like Accept, Scorpions and Trance, it didn’t get easier for „Heavy Metal
from Germany“, if it was traditionally interpreted. In the view of bands from the UK, the USA and the emerging speed /
thrash local groups have been worse off, also in the press.  Saints‘ Anger from Speyer also had to struggle with these circumstances in the mid-eighties. But now, things are different today and „German Metal of the Eighties“ not only became a style, but also offered a second chance to many acts from that period.

The original 1970s album, plus bonustracks from the never released second album, this expanded edition features
early demo recordings and live tracks when the band were known as PALACE.

Felvételek :
CD 1.:
1. The Bullet
2. Wrong Or Right
3. Danger Metal
4. Highway
5. The Ghost‘s Tale
6. Liberation
7. Crashing On Steel
8. Hero
9. Megalomania
Bonus tracks :
10. Too Late (Demo)
11. On The Road (Demo)
12. Crytal Eyes (Demo)
13. Exorcise (Demo)
14. Highway (Demo)
15. Rock In The City (Demo)
16. It’s Not Reality (Demo)
17. Force Of Steel (PALACE, 2020)

CD 2.:
Official Live Bootleg:
1. The Ghost’s Tale
2. Highway
3. Hero
4. Tonight We Rock
5. Wrong Or Right (Edit)
6. Exposured
7. Heavy Metal Is Allright8. Intro (Instrumental)
9. It’s Not Reality
10. Megalomania
11. The Ides Of March
12. Drunk In Death
13. Gallow Is Waiting
14. Look Out
15. Hero (TV-Live Bonus)
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