RIGHT DIRECTION – To Right the Wrong (1998) (Limited edition BLACK LP, 2022)

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Hardcore, Punk, Punk Rock, 1998-as album.
Limited edition FEKETE színű bakelit lemez LP újra kiadás, 2022.

RIGHT DIRECTION‘s classic 3rd studio album issued on vinyl for the first time! Originally released by KINGfisher in 1998, here is the limited and deluxe vinyl version on Rebellion Records. Issued with courtesy of Century Media and Right Direction!

YouTube video:
Album promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kj5QfVJDiU

Side A:
A1 You’re The Enemy
A2 Army Of Fools
A3 Same Old, Same Old
A4 The World Downfall
A5 What A Day That Was
A6 Spoke In A Wheel
Side B:
B1 Live To Regret
B2 We Play For You
B3 I Would’ve Done The Same
B4 I Wanna Be Somebody
B5 The Skull’s Got No Tongue
B6 There Ain’t Nobody Leavin’
(Barcode: 4059251449669)