REILLY, MAGGIE – Starcrossed (2000) (remastered CD, 2008)

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Szállítási idő: 10-25 munkanap

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Megjelenési dátum: 2008-05-19 Cikkszám: MIVP004CD Kategória: Címke:


Electronic, Pop Rock, Downtempo, Acoustic, Ballads, 2000-es album.
Remastered CD újra kiadás, 2008.

Maggie Reilly has had a varied career that stretches back over thirty years. She first came to prominence with the Scottish band Cado Belle releasing a well respected album and EP while fronting the band From here Maggie went on to find herself in demand as a session singer working with artists such as Morrissey Mullen, Hamish Stuart and Kokomo.

Starcrossed was originally released in 2000 and was seen as a change in direction for Maggie. The material on the album was co written by Maggie, Kit Hain, Charlie Dore, Danny Schogger and Stuart MacKillop and features musical contributions from Nico Ramsden(Mike Oldfield band), Guy Pratt(Pink Floyd) Chucho Merchan(Eurythmics and Pete Townshend) and Chris Rea.

Felvételek :
1. Reunion
2. Stolen Heart
3. Adelena
4. When It’s Over
5. Half-Light
6. Always You
7. Now
8. Replay
9. I Think It’s Gonna Rain
10. Talking To Myself
11. Changes
12. Memories
(Barcode: 0604388704729)