REALM OF THE DAMNED – Terror Aeternum (Limited edition HARDBACK COMIC BOOK – KÖNYV) (2020)

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Könyv, angol nyelvű Képregény Album, 2020.
Limited hardback book edition. English language.

BRAND NEW HORROR GRAPHIC NOVEL featuring Black metal heroes BEHEMOTH, EMPEROR, MAYHEM, punk Legends THE DAMNED and up and coming Drum & Bass/Metal superstar ZARDONIC!

Book three and the final book of the trilogy arrives in all of its bloody horror!
The vampire demigod Balaur has been destroyed, along with his scheming sister Athena. The New Congregation has fallen, but the world has fallen with it. In striving to fill the power gap left by the vampires, other monstrous factions have fought each other to a standstill, destroying the very world they sought to conquer. The earth now lies in ruins, truly a realm of the damned! Two factions have arisen from the ashes of this apocalypse: THE COVEN – pagan witches sworn to protect mankind – and THE CHURCH OF THE SCREAM PERPETUAL – a demonic cult that threatens to unite the scattered forces of darkness and extinguish mankind forever. Caught between these opposing forces is ALBERIC VAN HELSING, released from the shackles of faith, his true savagery now unleashed! In the final battle between gods and horrors, what will Van Helsing choose to become? The saviour of humanity or the world’s greatest monster?
(Barcode: 9781527260320)