PERFECT DEFECT – Perfect Defect (CD) (2017)

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Hard Rock, Southern Rock, 9 számos CD kiadvány, 2017-es album.

Must-have for fans of BAD COMPANY, MONSTER TRUCK, BLACK CROWES with a little bit of BOB SEGER. New Southern Rock band PERFECT DEFECT’s debut reflects a trip through your parents’ album collection of both layback and down and dirty tracks. Featuring former members of George Lynch, Pyramid and Kamelot, the band combines unequal parts blues, country and hard rock to create something new yet familiar. The album’s loose grooves were achieved by recording the rhythm tracks (drums, bass, guitar) live in single takes with no overdubs. Then, the guitar solos and vocals were added to complete the feel of being right there. PERFECT DEFECT deftly move from rockers like Rollin’ With G and Bad Girls to the bluesy Ultra Blue and Southern-infused tracks like Treat Your Man and Used To Believe on a journey through deep album tracks.

Felvételek :
1) Rollin’ With G
2) Treat Your Man
3) My People
4) Love Song
5) Used to Believe
6) Got Needs
7) Ultra Blues
8) Tease Me
9) Bad Girls
(Barcode: 0760137046226)



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Megjelenési dátum: 2017-10-27