PEARL JAM – Under The Covers (Limited edition BLACK 2LP) (2021)

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Alternative Rock, Grunge, Rock, Hard Rock,
Limited edition FEKETE színű dupla bakelit lemez 2LP kiadvány, 2021.
Válogatás album, más előadók és együttesek sikerei a Pearl Jam által feldolgozott verziókban!

This 2LP houses an extraordinary collection of various live cuts by Pearl Jam, all of which are renditions of songs that the group didn’t write, but which are delivered with the same passion and energy as any of their homegrown tunes. Displaying a wildly eclectic taste in music, proving, if such were necessary, the enormous knowledge and love of music past and present which has forever been a huge contributing factor to this awesome group’s enormous appeal, this compilation of covers says as much about this seminal group as any of their standard albums.

  • As comfortable performing cover versions as they are playing their top-drawer, self-composed numbers, the perfect beast that is Pearl Jam are huge fans of all types of contemporary music, and unusually for a rock band, their musical heroes, equally, appear to be huge fans of the mighty PJ.

Felvételek :
2LP :
Side A:
1. Search And Destroy 4:18
2. Swallow My Pride 3:47
3. Everyday People 2:50
4. Let My Love Open The Door 3:38
5. Throw Your Hatred Down 4:16
6. Timeless Melody 2:59
Side B:
7. Ain’t Nothing To Do 3:33
8. Harvest Moon 5:15
9. Crown Of Thorns 6:18
10. Know Your Rights 3:54

Side C:
11. Gimme Some Truth 3:51
12. After 2:15
13. Everyday 2:29
14. Mother 5:18
15. Picture In A Frame 2:13
16. Masters Of War 3:55
Side D:
17. (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay 4:06
18. Public 2:49
19. Love Reign O’er Me 5:26
20. Redemption Song (ft. Beyonce) 5:50
(Barcode: 0803343258806)