NIGHTMARE – Insurrection (CD) (2009)

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Heavy Metal, Power Metal, CD kiadvány, 2009-es album.
NIGHTMARE is a French Power Metal band from Grenoble formed in 1979.

The French Heavy Metal pioneers NIGHTMARE celebrate their 30th anniversary (!) in 2009. But it’s not only to celebrate the past, but present and future too: September 2009 sees NIGHTMARE release a brand new studio album, named “Insurrection”. It’s obvious that the band does not live in the past. The new material is strong, fresh, melodic, heavy and comes around with an up-to-date sound.
2009 marks a new step in NIGHTMARE’s career and an important year: celebrating their 30th their anniversary, the arrival of JC Jess on guitar and especially the signing to AFM Records. Also the band is back with their new “Insurrection” album – and back as a creative spearhead for Europe’s Metal scene.

Felvételek :
01. Eternal Winter
02. The Gospel Of Judas
03. Insurrection
04. Legions Of The Rising Sun
05. Three Miles Island
06. Mirrors Of Damnation
07. Decameron
08. Target For Revenge
09. Cosa Nostra (Part I: The Light)
10. Angels Of Glass
Bonus track on first pressing:
11. Where Dragons Rule
(Barcode: 0884860007528)