NAUTILUS – The Mystery of Waterfalls (Limited edition BLACK LP) (2020)

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Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Electronica, 2020-as album.
Limited edition FEKETE színű bakelit lemez LP kiadvány.

Nautilus was founded in 1998 as an electronics duo by Martin Ludwig and Ralf Obel, later guitarist Werner Strätz and ex-GROBSCHNITT member entered the project. It was Eroc, who produced the title track for the debut CD “Rising Balloon” in the Woodhouse studio and also made a musical contribution. With the third album “Solar Moon” guitarist Strätz became a permanent member of Nautilus. After the CD was voted “best album of the year” by radio legend Winfried Trenkler in 2000, the BSC Music Prudence label signed the band and initially published the reease of “Solar Moon “and subsequently three other Nautilus albums. After the sampling specialist Ralf Obel stepped down in 2003, the musical concept changed with regard to increased progressive and acoustic elements. With “In Search Of Castaways” (2004), Nautilus was particularly successful in the prog rock scene.

2008, Nautilus recorded the album “Along the Winding Road” with the new keyboardist Jürgen Dürrbeck. Fom the beginning, Nautilus wrote their albums based on great novels by the French visionary Jules Verne. With the new album “The Mystery Of Waterfalls”, now released after a twelve-year break, the listener accompanies Captain Nemo on his “20,000 miles der the seas” . Musically, newcomer Meiko Richert as a singer in the elegiac longtrack “Point Of Return” adds a new element to the previously purely instrumental concept. Also new are the sometimes escalating twin guitar licks like in “Snowstorm On Thea”. Furthermore, Mellotron choirs like in “Mobilis in Mobile”, sparkling sequences, but also melodic guitar pieces like “Summertime” exude a lot of 1970s flair and yet sound contemporary or timeless. The musical influences such as Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield or Wishbone Ash weave Nautilus into an unmistakable style of their own.

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Felvételek :
LP :
01. Awakening in the Deep
02. Point of Return
03. New Times
04. Water Ride
05. Summerwind
06. Mibilis in Mobile
07. In your Eyes
08. Snowstorm on the Sea
09. Maelstrom
10. The Kindness of Rain
(Barcode: 4260182988657)



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Megjelenési dátum: 2020-09-04