MY UNCLE THE WOLF – My Uncle The Wolf (CD) (2008)

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Szállítási idő: 10-25 munkanap

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Stoner Rock, Heavy Metal, CD kiadvány, 2008-as album.

The Brooklyn-based rock group, MY UNCLE THE WOLF, started as an idea over a pack of cigarettes shared between friends. Frustrated with the mechanics of the seemingly dead local scene. The early days of the band consisted of guitars, amps, cables and effects pedals sprawled across Zac’s living room floor. This experiment took place for the better part of a year as both members explored their methods for song writing. If the first stage of the band dealt with ideas, the second stage dealt with the practice of these ideas. Wanting to go public with their experiment, the two members of the Wolf sought to expand their ranks and did so with the addition of temporary bass player Sol and full-time member Joey Debbs on drums, who was offered the job after the first two minutes of jamming with the rest of the band.

Soon enough, the Wolf began writing all new material, and began playing shows all over New York City and nearby states. These live shows followed M.U.T.W. doctrine as the band never played the same set-list twice and often got in quite deep into improvising. The third stage involved a return to the roots of the band with the three members of M.U.T.W. looking for inspiration through isolation. For nearly two months, Zac, Joey and George locked themselves away in their practice space, crafting what would be their debut album. When comfortable enough with what they had, M.U.T.W. turned to friend and mentor Jimmy Bower.

In late May 2007, M.U.T.W. flew to New Orleans to record with Bower acting as producer and bassist, as well as David “The Puma” Troia turning the knobs as engineer/producer. The end product, the self-titled My Uncle The Wolf”, was recorded and mixed in 11 days. If there is one thing that can be said about MY UNCLE THE WOLF, it is that they are not one dimensional. The dichotomy between good and bad has been the driving force behind history’s greatest stories. In their quest to grow as a band of classic status by focusing on this aesthetic: the album, the band, and their ideology can all be categorized as MY UNCLE THE WOLF.”

Felvételek :
1. March Of The Hung
2. Double Barrel Blues
3. Least Amount Of Man
4. Shpd’s Hwy
5. Isle Of Skye
6. The Same As Fire
7. Sophia
8. A Siren’s Chorus
9. The Cross
10. Ten: Forty Six
11. Lift The Storm
(Barcode: 4024572327729)