MOTT – Gooseberry Sessions and Rarities (CD) (2000)

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Rock, Classic Rock, Glamm Rock, Pop Rock, 23 számos CD kiadvány, 2000.
Remaszterizált felvételek.

65 Minutes of MOTT and the legendary Paper Bags!
Recorded in early 1975, this release effectively bridges the gaps between Mott The Hoople, Mott and British Lions. With Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson gone, the remaining threesome were informed they no longer had a contract. A few weeks later they laid down some demos in Gooseberry Studios. Next was the small matter of recruiting a guitarist and a vocalist. A couple of auditions later, and they were ready to carry on as MOTT.

The first seven songs on this album were recorded in the hiatus between the demise of Mott The Hoople and the re-incarnation as Mott. They were recorded at the now legendary “Gooseberry” studio in Gerrard Street, London and used to obtain a record deal with CBS. The four songs entitled “Gooseberry Auditions” are just that: the actual audition tapes of lead vocalist Nigel Benjamin and guitarist Ray Majors.

With a deal with CBS sewn up, the world was their oyster. Band member Dale Griffin’s informative, entertaining and comprehensive sleeve notes tell the story in the accompanying 16 page CD booklet filled with rare photos. The “rarities” included on this release are The Paper Bags (in reality Morgan Fisher, Overend Watts, Ray Major and Dale Griffin), which finally blows the cover on that historic outfit. This CD is an excellent companion to the other Mott release in the Angel Air catalogue: “Live Over Here And Over There” (SJPCD025)

Felvételek :
1.Love Now
2.Love Me Always
3.Hey! There, Annie
4.The Bright Days
6.Shout It All Out
7.Leave My Woman Alone
8.I’ll Tell You Something
9.Did I Dream Last Night?
10.She Does It
11.Shout It All Out
12.I’ll Tell You Something
13.Krazy Kristmas Krackers
14.Pass The Port, Gramps
15.The Million Ton Snowflake
16.Golders Green (Stomp)
17.The Spook Meets The Kook
19.Let’s Rat
20.‘Ave A Maria
21.Broadstairs Beach
22.Holmes On The Rage
23. Hidden track
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