MALRUN – The Empty Frame (2012)

4.190 Ft

Szállítási idő: 10-25 munkanap

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New Wave of Scandinavian Modern Metal, MetalCore, Groove Metal, Alternative Metal, 2012-es album.

After two EPs and “Beauty in Chaos” CD in 2010… This is Album no. 2 for MALRUN, and I ask myself… What happened with Denmark??? A new wave of bands seems to grow from their iced shores through the whole planet…No panic guys, it’s a good surge… A power surge… New Wave of Scandinavian Modern Metal! Do you remember my review about Danish fellows, SAINT REBEL sometimes ago?

Well, if you don’t: Check it again… Anyway it’s basically the same description… In a Heaviest or Xtrem form… Ok ok,once again… Take those quite contemporary Post-Grunge bands : TAKING DAWN / STONE SOUR/ SHINEDOWN / JETTBLACK / GLAMOUR OF THE KILL / BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE / BLACK VEIL BRIDE and obviously AVENGED SEVENFOLD blend them with some B.L.S. and some More Scandinavian traditional stuff as HUMAN RACE / MUSTASCH or FREAK KITCHEN for the Alternative dimension but also some Melodies…

Add to it the very versatile vocal organ of Mr Jacob Löbner (a success blend of Maynard James Keenan and Corey Taylor) and a Fabulous & very dynamic prod by Jacob Hansen (ex-ANUBIS GATE). And well that’s it. You have all the elements. The music is Melodic / Heavy / Harsh then Melodic again. It takes you for a furious and risky Roller-coaster ride. There is enough hooks in each song to keep you seated but tracks like “Shadowborn”, “New Blood” or “Sink Forever Down” have potential to hit the big bull-eye, I mean the mainstream audience.

Felállás :
Jacob Löbner (lead vocals)
Mads Lind Ingeman (guitar)
Patrick Nybroe (guitar)
Ulrik Soigaard Nielsen (bass)
Mikkel Johensen (drums)

Video anyag :

Felvételek :
1. Face Of The Unknown
2. Shadowborn
3. Moving Me Into Fear
4. New Blood
5. Sink Forever Down
6. Strip Show Of An Angel
7. The Iron March
8. Bloody Mary
9. Into The Sun
10. The Lyaponov Exponent
11. Pariah
12. Take It To The Grave
13. Yoke Of Stone