LANDAU, MICHAEL – Liquid Quartet Live 2019 (DIGI CD) (2020)

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Szállítási idő: 10-25 munkanap

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Jazz Rock, DIGI pack CD kiadvány, 2020.
A 2019-es Baker Potato Jazz Club (Los Angeles) fellépés anyaga.

Michael Landau will be releasing his brand new album ‘Liquid Quartet Live’ via The Players Club, a new division of the Mascot Label Group. The album was recorded live at the world-famous Baked Potato Jazz Club in Los Angeles in November last year with his Liquid Quartet line-up of drummer Abe Laboriel Jr (Paul McCartney), bassist Jimmy Johnson (Alan Holdsworth) and on guitar and vocals, David Frazee (Burning Water). The exquisite musicianship glides through the entire performance and he has a long history with each of the band members. The set list features outings of some brand new songs (‘Well Let’s Just See,’ ‘Can’t Walk Away From It Now’) as well as some inspired renditions from his back catalogue; from his previous studio album ‘Rock Bottom’ (‘Bad Friend,’ ‘One Tear Away’), Burning Water’s (‘Can’t Buy My Way Home,’ ‘Killing Time’) and “Renegade Creation”, the band he formed with Robben Ford (‘Greedy Life,’ ‘Renegade Destruction’) as well as two instrumentals to finish the night.

Felvételek :
1. Can’t Buy My Way Home
2. Well Let’s Just See
3. Greedy Life
4. Killing Time
5. Bad Friend
6. Can’t Walk Away From It Now
7. Renegade Destruction
8. One Tear Away
9. Tunnel 88
10. Dust Bowl
(Barcode: 0810020501933)