KORGIS, THE – Kollection (2005) (Limited edition BLACK 2LP, 2020)

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Megjelenési dátum: 2020-04-24 Cikkszám: LETV599LP Kategória: Címke:


Pop, Pop Rock, Soft Rock,New Wave, 2005-ös válogatáűs album.
Limited edition 140 grammos dupla FEKETE színű bakelit lemez 2LP újra kiadás, 2020.

“Kollection” is a compilation/studio album by English pop band The Korgis, originally released in 2005.
The album contains some of the band’s best known songs such as “If I Had You”, “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime”, “All The Love In The World”, material from the album “This World’s For Everyone”, four new recordings as well as rarities, at the time previously unreleased.

Felvételek :
LP 1.:
Side A:
1.If I Had You
2.Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime
3.It All Comes Down To You
4.One Life
5.Who Are These Tears For

Side B:
6.Find Yourself Another Fool
7.This World’s For Everyone
8.That’s What Friends Are For
9.Hold On
10.I Wonder What’s Become Of You

LP 2.:
Side C:
11.Work Together
12.Come To Me
13.All The Love In The World
14.Wish You A Merry Christmas
15.Everybody’s Got To Learn Something (DNA Mix)

Side D:
16.It Won’t Be The Same Old Place (David Lord Mix)
17.Lines (Demo)
18.Boots And Shoes (Demo)
19.Make A Fuss About Us (Demo)
(Barcode: 0803343249316)