INTO CENTURY – Nobody’s Slave (2013)

3.690 Ft

Szállítási idő: 10-25 munkanap

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Hard Rock és Heavy Metal, ötvözve “mocskos” blues ritmusokkal és okos szövegekkel, óriási produkció, 2013-as album.

The diversity of songs make for a memorable release that leaves the listener yearning for more and keeps the CD in the player.
That is the mark of a great album. Jon Century’s vocal work is outstanding; smooth and easy but with teeth, like a great whiskey. Some great tracks are “Nobody’s Slave”, “Indistogether”, and “OMG”. Reminds me a bit of Chris Cornell from SOUNDGARDEN. The guitar work is also excellent with diverse rhythms, grinding riffs, and a great overall tone.

Christian’s sound definitely has a Southern Rock groove to it, especially on “Sweet Surrender” and “Open Up Your Gates”. I just really love how the energy that opens up the album stays strong all the way through to the end. The bass work is great and flows quite seamlessly between holding its own and flowing with the drums. “Hold On” showcases Morten Schröder’s work really well.

Last but certainly not least, Jeppe Bruno’s drum work is solid, steady, and well mixed. The only song I wasn’t fond of was “Can Anybody Hear Me”, purely based on the reliance of out of place “auto-tune” sounding intro. The production is great; everything was brought together smoothly allowing all part to be heard without any one part overpowering another. Over all, a damn good album.

Felállás :
Jon Century (lead singer)
Christian Warburg (guitar)
Jeppe Bruno (drummer)
Morten Schröder (bass)

Felvételek :
1. Nobody’s Slave
2. Junkie
3. Sweet Surrender
4. Dare
5. Hold On
6. Indistogether
7. Call On Me
8. Can Anybody Hear Me
9. Open Up Your Gates
10. Man Of God
11. Time To Shine
12. OMG