ICE – Ice Man (1968) (Limited edition CD, 2005)

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Psychedelic Rock, Rock, Pop Rock, CD kiadvány, 2005.
válogatás album, az 1968-as stúdió lemez + 3 felvétel, amelyeket Russell’s Clump név alatt adtak ki.

In 1967 and 1968, Ice were a much-touted but slightly mysterious recording band, constantly on the radio (including the famous John Peel Show with Jimi Hendrix and Traffic), but seldom seen on television and never live. The band later joined up as Affinity. This CD represents the groups entire recorded output of the 60s rock group Ice. Angel Air. 2004. ‘Walk On the Water’ was the controversial track (disguised as ‘Walk Under Water’ for Radio One purposes) that was intended to be their second single and was eventually sidelined in favour of ‘Ice Man’.

RECORD COLLECTOR lists their two singles ‘Anniversary (Of Love)’ from 1967 and ‘Ice Man’ from 1968 in their Rare Record Guide and apart from the singles and their ‘b’ sides all of the tracks featured on this CD have never before been released. Lynton Naiff, Grant Serpell, Mo Foster and Linda Hoyle all later joined up as AFFINITY but that as they say is another story.

Felvételek :
1. Ice Man
2. Whisper Her Name
3. Anniversary (Of Love)
4. So Many Times
5. Walk On The Water
6. Time’s Fading Fast
7. Day Tripper
8. Ice Man
9. Wide Blue Yonder Boy
10. Open The Door To Your Heart
11. Like A Woman
12. Skyline
14. Monday
15. Tell Me
16. Silver Lady
17. Burning, Burning
18. Two Hearts
19. Little Girl In Wonderland
(Barcode: 5055011701762)



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Megjelenési dátum: 2005-01-29