HORRID – Beyond The Dark Border (Limited edition LP) (2017)

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Megjelenési dátum: 2017-06-02 Cikkszám: DP069LP Kategória: Címke:


Black/Death Metal, Metal/Rock, Ambient Death Metal, Doom Metal, Underground, Limited edition bakelit lemez LP kiadvány, 2017-es album.

DUNKELHEIT PRODUKTIONEN is proud to present HORRID’s highly anticipated fifth album, Beyond the Dark Border. Italy’s longest-running death metal band, HORRID have built an enviously dependable, unyielding body of work since 1989. Taking initial inspiration from the dual gods of Celtic Frost and Hellhammer, the band spent the 1990s solidifying their sound over a clutch of demos and EPs. Eventually, come 2002, their debut album manifested itself as Reborn in Sin. From there, the name HORRID has continued to stand for the timeless upholding of classic death metal values.

Beyond the Dark Border possesses pretty much every element one would want in a pure ‘n’ authentic death metal record: immediately memorable songwriting, crushing-yet-clear songwriting, breathless execution, interesting twists of texture, and just enough melody to remain rooted in foundational heavy metal. More than that, HORRID render the album a rollercoaster of dynamic darkness, leading the listener down nine separate-yet-linked corridors of nameless horror and eldritch dread.

YouTube video :
THE EYES OF TERROR (lyric video):

Felvételek :
1. The Black March 05:02
2. Cursed Dunes 05:11
3. Blood Painted Walls
4. The Eyes Of Terror 05:00
5. The Statement
6. Sacrilegious Fornication
7. Missing End
8. Demonic Challenge
9. Beyond The Black Border
(Barcode: 0662425084722)