HELL – Live at Roadburn 2018 (Limited edition LP+CD) (2019)

8.590 Ft

Szállítási idő: 10-25 munkanap

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Megjelenési dátum: 2019-10-04 Cikkszám: RBR066 Kategória: Címke:


Blackened Doom Metal, Black Metal, a 2018-as Roadburn fesztivál fellépés anyaga.
Limited edition LP+CD kiadvány, 2019.
500 darabos széria az egész világra.

Some bands welcomed to the stage at Het Patronaat draw clear inspiration from texts like Dante’s Inferno. If anything, it makes perfect sense to have biblically heavy, soul crushing music performed in a space that was once a church. Few bands have upheld this notion as thoroughly as Oregonian blackened doom outfit Hell. Their 2016 performance featured a violinist and a performance touching upon much of their discography, including both tracks from the otherworldly devastating III album. With the recent release of Hell’s self-titled album, their first in five years, we’re thrilled to welcome them back to perform this new release in its entirety.

Felvételek :
1. Seelenos
2. Helmzmen
3. SubOdin
4. Machitikos
5. Wandering Soul
6. Inscriptus
7. Victus
8. Umbilicus
(Barcode: 8592735009578)