HARRINGTON SAINTS – Dead Broke In The USA (2009) (CD, 2019)

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Punk, Punk Rock, Oi!, eredetileg 2009-ben jelent meg s Longshot Records kiadásában.
CD újra kiadás, 2019.

From the remnants of Bay Area bands THE BURDENS and ROMEO’S DEAD comes THE HARRINGTON SAINTS. As five long-time friends who play with a chip on their shoulder, the Harrington Saints‘ brand of
nuts-and-bolts rock & roll is gripping, intense and full of the realities of working-class life. With subject matter ranging from politics to pints at the pub with the boys, these guys grind out three-minute gems that get the point across like a boot to the ribs. While producing some of the most relevant contemporary Oi! music today,
these guys haven’t forgotten to have fun while doing so!

Felvételek :
01. Dead Broke in the USA
02. Pub Song
03. Bootstraps
04. Guilty
05. Working Class Friday Night
06. Let’s Go
07. Fistful of Brass
08. Kings’ Schilliag
09. A Nation Divided
(Barcode: 0879198004585)