HALPERN, STEVEN – Sound Healing 432 Hz (CD) (2018)

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Meditációs zene, Gyógyító frekvencia, New Age, Relaxációs, CD kiadvány, 2018.

A must-have for long time fans and new listeners, this is Steven Halpern’s definitive playlist. Each track is a unique jewel tuned to 432 Hz that combines stellar musicianship with the intention to create beautiful music that nourishes our soul. Steven’s recordings resonate and activate our DNA and innate healing intelligence, and deepens your connection with Source. Within seconds, your brainwaves shift into the alpha and theta states, which enhance healing, meditation and spiritual practice of all kinds.

Halpern‘s recordings are #1 worldwide bestsellers helping millions relieve stress, support optimal well-being, and solve chronic sleep deficiencies. Keyboard magazine honored Steven as ”One of the 12 most influential artists of the past 20 years.” (1995 profile). He is a master at orchestrating tone, time, silence and brainwave entrainment to create timeless soundscapes that gently guide you into a relaxed state of mindful awareness. Featuring his iconic Fender Rhodes electric piano-highest rated keyboard for healing-Steven also plays grand piano and ethereal keyboards.

Track 1st features: the soulful oboe of Grammy winner Paul McCandless lyrically soaring over lush sonic atmospheres; Track 3rd features: Grammy winner David Darling’s melodic, mellow cello, which resonates deeply throughout your body. Other outstanding tracks add bamboo flute, fretless bass and harp, weaving a tonal tapestry you’ll enjoy for years to come.

This essential anthology celebrates Steven Halperns iconic career as the founding father of New Age healing music. Tuned to the Earth’s healing frequency of 432 Hz to amplify its healing power, each song transports the listener to a relaxed state of mindfulness and inner peace.

Proven in landmark biofeedback studies and in the lives of millions over more than 40 years, Steven’s brain-balancing music supports your innate intelligence for self-healing. His multi-layered compositions invite genes and DNA to express for optimal well-being.

“Each of these tracks are among my all-time favorites, selected from my best-selling albums including CHAKRA SUITE, DEEP ALPHA, DEEP THETA, COMFORT ZONE, and Gifts of the Angels.” — Steven Halpern

Felvételek :
1. In the Realms of Healing, 432 Hz
2. Deep Theta, Pt. 1, 432 Hz
3. Heartnotes 2.0,  432 Hz
4. 1st Chakra: Keynote C, 432 Hz
5. Deep Theta 2.1, 432 Hz
6. Deep Alpha Part 3. 432 Hz
7. Awakening 432 Hz
8. Chakra Healing 432 Hz
9. Apollo’s Lyre 2.0 432 Hz
10. Comfort Zone 432 Hz
11. Angels Of Grace 432 Hz
12. Eastern Peace 432 Hz
13. Presence Of Mind 432 Hz
14. Eventide 432 Hz
(Barcode: 0093791843222)