GRAVES, ROBERT & RAMÓN FARRÁN – El Olivo (1977) (Limited edition LP, 2020)

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Progressive Folk Rock, Groove/Dance/Disco, Mediterran, Synth Pop, 1977-es album.
Remaszterizált Limited edition bakelit lemez LP újra kiadás verzió, belső borítóval és inzerttel.
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One of the strongest releases in Ramón Farrán‘s catalogue is his marvellous collaboration with his father-in-law, the acclaimed poet and writer Robert Graves. Originally released in 1977 this little gem offers us poems by Graves set to music by Farrán. Highly inspired by their Mediterranean lives in beautiful Majorca, the musical backing is built up from an amazing mixture of genres – from groovy danceable balearic disco sounds to synth pop tunes with lovely female vocals by Farráns wife Lucía Graves, in a vein that reminds the soft pop glory of works by Margo Guryan, Claudine Longet, Jeanette or Astrud Gilberto. Among the musicians that collaborate on the record, special mention must be made of the great pianist Tete Montoliu at the electric piano, Pepe Milan (of Milan i Bibiloni fame) and Josep Llobell, famous for his productions in Enterprise or the sought after Susana Estrada recordings, who is one of the sound engineers on the recording sessions.
This is a 500 copies only reissue, housed in its original artwork featuring an insert with photos and liner notes.
(Barcode: 4040824089931)



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Megjelenési dátum: 2020-07-17