G.B.H. – The Rough Justice Years (Limited edition 5CD-Box) (2019)

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Punk, Punk Rock, Hardcore Punk, Limited edition 6CD-Clamshell-Box kiadvány, 2019.
A Rough Justice kiadónál 1984 és 1995 között megjelentetett felvételek teljes gyűjteménye!

The 76 track 5 CD clam shell box set features all of Hardcore Punk legends GBH’s recordings for the Rough Justice label between 1984 and 1995. The first disc is 1984’s “Midnight Madness & Beyond” album which now comes with the bonus of the Indie Chart hit EP “Oh No”. “It’s GBH Again”. Disc 2 is 1987’s “No Need To Panic” album which now has the “Wot A Bargain” EP added as bonus tracks. 1989’s self-produced “A Fridge Too Far” is on Disc 3, complete with the bonus of three rare studio demos from the time. Disc 4 is 1990’s “From Here To Reality” album, again having three rare studio demos added. The final disc is 1992’s “Church of the Truly Warped”. The booklet features pictures of all the relevant releases plus detailed liner notes. Currently touring South America GBH remain one of the Punk scenes most respected names, their influence acknowledged by the likes of Rancid, Agnostic Front and Metallica amongst many others.

Felvételek :
CD 1. :
Midnight Madness & Beyond…: Limpwristed / Future Fugitives / Too Much / Iroquois / Guns & Guitars / Horror
Story / Midnight Madness And Beyond… / Chance For Living / The Seed Of Madness / Sam Is Your Leader / How Come / Blood / – Bonus Tracks: Malice In Wonderland / Lost In The Fog / Get Out Of The City / Company Of Wolves

CD 2. :
No Need To Panic: Transylvanian Perfume / Hearing Screams (For The Last Time) / To Understand / Makin’ Whips / I Shot The Marshall / Electricity Through Space / Hit The Deck / Rumblin’ Underground / Desperate Times / Gunning For The President / Avenues And Alleyways / Unanswered Prayers / – Bonus Tracks: Checkin’ Out / No One Cares / Infected / Tipuki Thunder

CD 3. :
A Fridge Too Far: Pass The Axe / Captain Chaos / Go Home / Checkin’ Out / See You Bleed / When Will It End? / A
Fridge Too Far / The Fist Of Regret / Needle In A Haystack / Twenty Floors Below / Nocturnal Journal / Crossfire / – Bonus Tracks: No / I’m On Heat / Last Of The Teenage Idols

CD 4. :
From Here To Reality: New Decade / Trust Me I’m A Doctor / B.M.T. / Mass Production / The Old School Of Self Destruction / You Don’t Do Enough / From Here To Reality / Dirty Too Long / Destroy / Just In Time For The Epilogue / Don’t Leave Your Honey Down The Pits / Moonshine Song / – Bonus Demo Tracks: Trust Me I’m A Doctor / You Don’t Do Enough / Last Of The Teenage Idols (Second Version) /

CD 5. :
Church Of The Truly Warped: Pure Greed / Not Enough Hate / Leather Coffin / Candy Man / Lords Of Discipline /
Where The Wild Things Are / Church Of The Truly Warped / Back / I Need Energy / Evil Evar / All For The Cause / – Bonus Demo Tracks: Pure Greed / Candy Man / Not Enough Hate
(Barcode: 5013929606609)

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