DECAMERON – Tomorrow’s Pantomime (1976) (Limited edition DIGI CD, 2019)

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Progressive Rock, Folk Rock, Jazz Funk, 1976-os album.
Remaszterizált Limited edition DIGI pack CD újra kiadás, 2019.

Remastered for its 2019 release and in the digipak format!
Decameron was formed by Johnny Coppin and Dave Bell back in 1969, who then, with the addition of Al Fenn and Geoff March, went professional in August 1971. The band were originally managed by Jasper Carrott and John Starkey. Decameron were a Folk Rock band from the 1970’s. Though hailing from the UK, Decameron had a more American sound than many of their British colleagues. Tomorrow’s Pantomime was the band’s fourth and last ever album and also the most mature and well- produced one. If this is in any sense progressive, their “progressiveness” lies in a certain eclecticism mixing influences from primarily British and American Folk Rock, Beatles-esque Pop and straightforward Rock & Roll with slight touches of Jazz and Funk.

Felvételek :
1. The Deal
2. Fallen Over
3. Ask Me Tomorrow
4. Dancing
5. Tomorrow’s Pantomime
6. Single-Handed
7. Crazy Seed
8. The Shadow On The Stairs
9. So This Is God’s Country
10. Peace With Honour
(Barcode: 5028479041824)

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