DEATHRONIC – Duality Chaos (2013)

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Szállítási idő: 10-25 munkanap

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Megjelenési dátum: 2013-01-23 Cikkszám: PMZ076CD Kategória: Címke:


Impressive Gothic/Death Metal, 2013-as album.
Az emberiség természete és fejlődése elérkezett a végkifejlethez a sátáni és destruktív mélységekig, állapotig amely a végzete lehet. Hogy ez valóban így van arró végtelen viták zajlanak, s nem dölt el, hogy a megállapítás igaz-e vagy nem.

So many contemplations whether that saying is true or not that would probably be endless. Nonetheless, life has to go on while the answer, which may be arise as a shining beacon of hope or the cease of everything that can be recognized as normal, will remain like a grey fog above our heads.

So why the hell all this babble you probably wonder? Well, I tried to figure out the concept of violence conceived by the one man show of DEATHRONIC, originating in France. This project’s debut album, “Duality Chaos”, via Mighty Music, is a presentation, and a sort of evaluation, of the aspects of violence, as many have showed before, in a kind of light that shed events, places and images, of how it has been consuming us for centuries.

Of course that we are dealing with Metal music, and so is the project’s mastermind, Amine Andalous, thus creating an harmonic, melancholic and somewhat extreme Metal orchestration that has the power to engulf the acumens of every Metalhead worldwide. The music sound like a great mixture of early and current CREMATORY, TO/DIE/FOR, PARADISE LOST, early and late SENTENCED, POISONBLACK, SISTERS OF MERCY and even the Pop / Rock transformations of the leathery BILLY IDOL.

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Felvételek :
1. Ephemere
2. Bloody Lust
3. Kalila wa Dimna
4. Disharmonia Part I
5. Disharmonia Part II
6. Anno 1423
7. Kalila wa Dimna (No Vox Mix)