CHAIN, PAUL – Alkahest (1995) (Limited edition DIGI CD, 2016)

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Szállítási idő: 10-25 munkanap

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Megjelenési dátum: 2016-12-12 Cikkszám: M20131 Kategória: Címke:


Dark Doom Heavy Metal, Groove Space Rock Doom, Psychedelic, 1995-ös album.
Limited Expanded edition DIGI pack CD újra kiadás, 2016.

Probably the best known Paul Chain‘s release. Special guest Lee Dorrian (Cathedral). Alkahest knits together two disparate chapters; the first half of the record is pretty groovy, slightly space rock-flavoured doom
that represents a wonderful and psychedelic experience. The last four songs are a descent into madness via grisly, heaving riffs and the alternatively gurning and mournful vocals of Lee Dorrian.

Felvételek :
1. Roses Of Winter (4:58)
2. Living Today (4:50)
3. Sand Glass (5:47)
4. Three Water (7:28)
5. Reality (8:22)
6. Voyage To Hell (4:33)
7. Static End (6:07)
8. Lake Without Water (4:51)
9. Sepulchral Life (20:38)
Bonus track :
10. Electric Funeral (6:50)
(on Digipack version only)
(Barcode: 8016108030582)

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