ANGELIC UPSTARTS – The Albums 1983-1991 (Limited edition 6CD-Box) (2019)

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Punk, Punk Rock, válogatás album, mely az összes 1983 és 1991 között készített albumot tartalmazza.
Speciális 6CD-Clamshell Box kiadvány, 2019.

Following on from the success of The Albums 1979-82 the Label presents a second box of Angelic Upstarts albums covering 1983 to 1991. Disc 1 is the Indie Chart hit “Reason Why?” album which now comes with ten bonus tracks. Featured are the singles “Woman In Disguise”, “Solidarity” and “Not Just A Name”. The second disc is 1984’s “Last Tango In Moscow” LP which again comes with ten bonus tracks, mainly rare studio demos. Includes the Indie Chart hit single “Machine Gun Kelly”. Live In Yugoslavia is Disc 3 and reads like a “Greatest Hits Live”.

Disc 4 is 1985’s “Power Of The Press” album which now comes with the bonus of the highly controversial single “Brighton Bomb”. The fifth disc is another controversial album, “Blood On The Terraces” which incurred the wrath of MP’s and tabloid newspapers when originally released in 1987. The final disc is the rare 1991 album “Bombed Out” which saw original guitarist Mond reunited with vocalist Mensi for the first time in nearly a decade.

Six discs and 100 tracks all housed in a sturdy clam shell box. The booklet features pictures of all
relevant sleeves, liner notes, news clippings and many previously unpublished photos. Mensi still
leads a version of the band to this day and received rave reviews for appearances at this year’s
Rebellion and Punk Rock Bowling festivals.

Felvételek :

CD 1. :
Reason Why: Woman In Disguise / Never Give Up / Waiting, Hating / Reason Why / Nobody Was Saved / Geordies
Wife / Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner / 42nd Street / The Burglar / Solidarity / As The Passion / A Young Punk / Where We Started / Bonus Tracks: Lust For Glory / Five Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest / Dollars And Pounds / Don’t Stop / Not Just A Name / The Leech / Victory For Poland / Solidarity (A Polish Folk Song) (Demo) / Calypso (Demo) / The Tut Shuffle (Demo)

CD 2. :
Last Tango In Moscow: One More Day / Machine Gun Kelly / Progress / Blackleg Miner / Who’s Got The Money? /
Last Tango In Moscow / I Think It Should Be Free / Never Return / Rude Boy / No News / Jarrow Woman / Nowhere To Run / Bonus Tracks: Paint It In Red / There’s A Drink In It / I Won’t Pay For Liberty / Never Return To Hell / When Will They Learn / Listen To The Silence / She Don’t Cry Anymore / No Nukes / Living In Exile / Box On

CD 3. :
Live In Yugoslavia: Never Had Nothing / Leave Me Alone / Teenage Warning / Solidarity / Last Night Another
Soldier / Guns For The Afghan Rebels / Machine Gun Kelly / Police Oppression / Kids On The Street / Woman In Disguise / 2,000,000 Voices / One More Day / Upstart / Who Killed Liddle Towers / White Riot

CD 4. :
Power Of The Press: I Stand Accused / Nottingham Slag / Joe Where Are You Now? / Soldier / Empty Street / Power
Of The Press / Stab In The Back / Here I Come / Thin Red Line / I’d Kill Her For Sixpence / Greenfields Of France
Bonus Track: Brighton Bomb

CD 5. :
Blood On The Terraces: Pride Of Our Passion / Everyday / I Wanna Knighthood / Heart Attack In Paris / Four Grey
Walls / I Don’t Wanna Fight The Soviet / Our Day Will Come / Blood On The Terraces / Heroin Is Good For You / It’s Your Life / Ruby (Don’t Take Your Love To Town) / Bonus Tracks The Main Event Tapes: Never ‘Ad Not / Leave Me Alone / Teenage Warning / Last Night Another Soldier / Guns For The Afghan Rebels / One More Day / Two Million Voices

CD 6. :
Bombed Out: Red Till Dead / Albert’s Gotta Gun / Victim Of Deceit / Open Your Eyes / Still Fighting / The Writing
On The Wall / A Real Rain / Let’s Build A Bomb / Proud & Loud / Stone Faced Killer
(Barcode: 5013929606500)

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