ANGEL PAVEMENT – Maybe Tomorrow (1969-1970) (Limited edition DIGI 2CD, 2019)

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Psychedelic Rock, az 1969-es az 1970-es EP anyaga és kiadatlan felvételek egy közös kiadványon.
Remaszterizált Limited edition 6 paneles DIGI pack 2CD kiadvány, 2019.

Active for roughly four years at the end of the Sixties, Angel Pavement released just two singles in their lifetime ‘Baby You’ve Gotta Stay’ b/w ‘Green Mello Hill’ in October 1969, followed by ‘Tell Me What I’ve Got To Do’ b/w ‘When Will I See June Again’ in January 1970. Despite numerous high-quality recordings being made at Morgan Studios in Willesden, north-west London, the group failed to obtain a release for their intended S’ocialising With Angel Pavement‘ which was finally released in April 2019. Here we reconstruct that LP for the first time on Disc One of our anthology, with the remaining Angel Pavement recordings several of which are previously unissued – appearing on Disc Two.
Packaged in a six panel digipack with extensive sleeve notes.

Felvételek :
2CD :

  1. The Man In The Shop On The Corner
  2. Time Is Upon Us
  3. Napoleon
  4. Socialising
  5. Jennifer
  6. When Will I See June Again
  7. Water Woman
  8. Little Old Man
  9. Green Mello Hill
  10. Genevieve
  11. Maybe Tomorrow
  12. Im Moving On
  13. Phantasmagoria
  14. Rooftop Memories
  15. Tootsy Wootsy Feelgood
  16. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
  17. Hey Grandma
  18. Five Sisters
  19. Baby Youve Gotta Stay
  20. Tell Me What Ive Got To Do
  21. Im A Dreamer
  22. Carrie
  23. Desperate Dan
  24. Madison Blues
  25. Dem Bones
  26. Pick A Bale Of Cotton
  27. Maybe Tomorrow (Early Mix)
  28. Im Moving On (Original Mix)
    (Barcode: 5036436122325)



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Megjelenési dátum: 2019-09-27