AMBAR CONNECTION – Hang Glider (El Pájaro Azul) (1977) (Limited edition 12″EP) (2020)

5.390 Ft

Szállítási idő: 10-25 munkanap

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Cikkszám: WBS12001 / FRS12201 Kategória: Címke:


Electronic Funk/Soul, Disco, 1977. Remaszterizált 12″-es EP újra kiadás, 2020.

This rare 7″ by Ambar Connection is one of most sought after electronic funk hidden treasures and can be filed along other Spanish rare grooves of the genre like Josep Llobell‘s productions Oliver’s Planet or Enterprise. Behind the mysterious moniker of Ambar Connection hid wizard producer Ramón Farrán, who offered an impressive slice of groovy balearic discotheque magic that sees a deluxe reissue treatment, upgrading the original 7″ to a 12″ where the original “Hang Glider” parts 1 & 2 are augmented with extra extra re-edits by Mr Absolutt and DJ Enrique. 500 copies only that will fly like a blue bird, don’t miss this opportunity to grab yourself an amazing floor killer – vintage and modern sounds in one cool maxi single!

Felvételek :
Side A: Hang Glider (Pájaro Azul) 1ª Parte
Side B: Hang Glider (Pájaro Azul) 2ª Parte